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 Visual MSX v1.6

  Hi everyone. It's time for a new release. :)
I don't know why I took so long to release this version...

  A lot has changed in this version. It requires a clean install so make sure to at least, delete "visualmsx.ini" and the games list .ini files ("games" folder). The GUI has been updated for better viewing (see "Preferences" and "Change Game Settings" screens).

  Great news, the authors of NLMSX and OpenMSX emulators are working together to create a standard database file, in XML format, so it can be used on both emulators. For that reason, I added a new option, "Generate SHA-1 Checksum", which will create a SHA-1 checksum for the selected game/app (quick tool, hehe).
  The "Change Game Settings" screen also have a new field, "File SHA-1 Checksum".
Because of the SHA-1 checksum generator, when creating games list, the process will be slower, depending on the speed of your hard drive or the media where the MSX games/apps are.

  Oh, have you noticed that the homepage is also changed ? It's much easier to maintain it this way. The menu is on the left side now. Look for a green side bar with a "M E N U" caption, on the left side of the window ;)
All documents are placed in this menu now.

  I hope you enjoy this new version as much as I do.

- unknown, 28 June, 2003 -